1. Local Companies Starting to Land Contracts with MGM Springfield

    Local Companies Starting to Land Contracts with MGM Springfield

    Rebeca Merigian says the slip was found, and promptly given to her, many years ago by a long-time customer, a description she quickly categorized as an obvious understatement. Indeed, the date at the top is 1940, and thus this item, now displayed under glass, is a time capsule as much as it is a pick-up slip for a two-piece suit. Start with the phone number at the top; there are just five digits because that’s all that were needed back then (ask your mother; actually, make that your grandmother). The name of the company was Park Cleaners & Dyers Inc ...

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    1. Bill commented about what a great night's sleep he had on that mattress, and that pretty much secured their position.
    2. Being a woman-owned business has created many opportunities for Kittredge, and MGM is obviously one of those.
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