1. The Republican, MassLive win big in New England Better Newspaper Competition

    The Republican, MassLive win big in New England Better Newspaper Competition

    The Republican brought home seven first-place prizes and several other commendations earlier this year in the New England Better Newspaper Competition. Recently retired photographer Dave Roback won two first-place prizes, in the feature photo and portrait categories, for images a child cooling off at Hampton Ponds in Westfield and two veterans at a Memorial Day ceremony in East Longmeadow. Photographer Don Treeger won for general news photo with an image of Hampden County Sheriff Nick Cocchi celebrating his election victory.

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    1. It's comprehensive in scope, well-edited and surely a keeper for readers keen on knowing how business developments affect them.
    2. During this public records battle, Glaun informed his readers about the danger of secrecy and served as a much-needed advocate for transparency.
    3. The Republican is a sharp, bright, colorful newspaper with a solid offering of news variety that very effectively informs and entertains the reader. ... There is pride, curiosity, solid news judgment and a rich professionalism on each and every page.
    4. We were ecstatic about being recognized for our work in so many categories.
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