1. MGM Springfield reveals $960 million resort casino to open earlier than expected (photos, video)

    MGM Springfield reveals $960 million resort casino to open earlier than expected (photos, video)

    MGM Resorts International will open its Springfield casino ahead of schedule on Aug. 24, culminating a seven-year journey from vision to operation. "It has just come together amazingly well," MGM Resorts President Bill Hornbuckle told The Republican this week. "It's extremely exciting. Our commitment is to Springfield. Our commitment is to get this open successfully. We are well on track to do that." MGM had committed to opening the $960 million resort casino by September, describing its project as "New England's first integrated luxury resort and entertainment destination."

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    1. It has just come together amazingly well.
    2. A testament to years of collaboration between the City of Springfield and MGM Resorts, MGM Springfield will play tribute the city's legacy and celebrate its bright future, while introducing a stellar array of hospitality and entertainment experiences that will attract guests from New England and beyond.
    3. Locals and tourists can experience venues such as the First Spiritualist Church, Springfield Armory and Chandler Union Hotel -- where Presidents Polk and Buchanan both stayed -- in an entirely new way.
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