1. Amherst, Hampshire, Smith join college solar energy collaborative

    Amherst, Hampshire, Smith join college solar energy collaborative

    Five New England liberal arts colleges have joined together to create a solar power facility that will offset 46,000 megawatt-hours of their collective electrical use. The partnership represents the first collaborative purchase of New England-generated solar electricity by higher-education institutions, according to a press release. The facility will be built in Farmington, Maine, and is expected to open in 2019. Each of the colleges will purchase zero-carbon electricity from the site to reduce carbon emissions from campus electricity use. Participating colleges are Bowdoin in Brunswick, Maine, Amherst and Hampshire in Amherst, Smith College in Northampton and Williams College in ...

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    1. As President (Jonathan) Lash has said, private institutions joining together sends a message of the importance of taking responsibility for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions from our operations, and demonstrates to our students how we choose to live.
    2. The involvement of four other highly regarded institutions in New England allows all of us to move forward with our climate action plans and multiplies the effect overall.
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