1. Deerfield Strives to Be More Than a Tourist Town

    Deerfield Strives to Be More Than a Tourist Town

    Wendy Foxmyn acknowleged that, when pressed to describe Deerfield with a word or two, most responders would say ‘tourist town,’ or something to that effect. And, sounding somewhat like the Seinfeld characters in that infamous episode, she said there’s nothing particularly wrong with that. But she quickly, and repeatedly, stressed that this community that is home to Yankee Candle’s flagship store — one of the most visited attractions in New England — as well as Mount Sugarloaf, Historic Deerfield, and the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservancy and Garden wants to diversify and broaden its commercial portfolio.

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    1. We consider ourselves be more than a tourist town — much more.
    2. We want them to look left and look right.
    3. With all that traffic that comes to Yankee Candle, and now they'll be filling up at Cumberland Farms — they'll pull out onto Elm Street and look left or right.
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