1. FloDesign Sonics Aims to Bring Cell Therapy to the Masses

    FloDesign Sonics Aims to Bring Cell Therapy to the Masses

    The “filterless filter company,” as FloDesign Sonics dubs itself, was launched in 2010 in an effort to separate contaminants — particularly anthrax — from the water supply. There’s nothing trivial about that goal, but the company’s co-founder and CEO, Stanley Kowalski III, and his team have only been thinking bigger ever since. “We don’t like mediocre challenges; we take on pretty big issues, and we back it with the best thought leaders in this space,” he told BusinessWest. “We’ve targeted some of the biggest things mankind could be working on, and it gets people motivated on a different ...

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    1. With all the tools available today, we really need a paradigm shift.
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