1. Westfield submits state paperwork to create industrial park

    Westfield submits state paperwork to create industrial park

    A potential industrial park on the city's north side is moving forward with the submission of an environmental notification form to the state Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The potential park, located on 66 acres between Turnpike Industrial and Cabot roads, is a wooded area that the city purchased in 1989 with intentions of creating an additional landfill. When regulations no longer allowed for a landfill, the property remained undeveloped. City Advancement Officer Joe Mitchell said filing the environmental notification form is the first step in the prequalifying site review for the Turnpike Industrial Park.

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    1. The $750,000 will go toward the purchase of the land and perform some of the mitigating steps required by the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act. We are still hoping to finish this work by November of 2018.
    2. By making a generous 150-foot buffer, we really are taking into consideration the concerns of the neighbors.
    3. The design will include having rail come into the property as much as possible, which means less street traffic.
    4. We hope 2019 is busy with commitments from businesses, but it's an eight- to 10-year plan to fill in the entire park.
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