1. 'The New Springfield': Investment in city now $3.76 billion since tornado

    'The New Springfield': Investment in city now $3.76 billion since tornado

    Public and private investment in the city since the tornado of June 2011 now totals more than $3.76 billion, Chief Development Officer Kevin Kennedy said Tuesday during a presentation at CityStage. Kennedy gave an economic development update to the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce at his "The New Springfield: Now Arriving" program. The $3.76 billion number is up $453 million since Kennedy's most recent CityStage update in November 2016.

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    1. I am always looking to reel in a big fish.
    2. What you are doing is everything that should be done.
    3. It will be a safer city because we won't be pulling police out of the neighborhoods to respond to calls downtown.
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