1. Businesses pledge $400K toward Springfield 'image campaign,' pending city's contribution

    Businesses pledge $400K toward Springfield 'image campaign,' pending city's contribution

    A top economic development official told city councilors this week the business community is ready to contribute $400,000 toward a $1 million "image campaign" to promote Springfield if the city contributes $100,000. In addition, Richard K. Sullivan Jr., president and CEO of the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts, said he expects that combined total of $500,000 in cash would be matched by in-kind contributions from media organizations including The Republican, MassLive, WWLP 22 News, Western Mass News, along with Comcast.

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    1. I think there is a good story to tell about the city of Springfield.
    2. But to be clear, it will not be highlighting nor focusing on MGM.
    3. I can commit to you that this is not strictly a downtown initiative.
    4. All of this will go into the media image campaign.
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