1. There’s Certainly Growing Interest in Holyoke

    There’s Certainly Growing Interest in Holyoke

    Marcos Marrero says that if one were to have a machine running an optimization algorithm that would weigh a host of quantitative and qualitative factors to ultimately determine the very best spot in the region — and maybe the country — to locate a marijuana cultivation and distribution facility, it would, when done with its analysis, likely spit out two words: Holyoke and Massachusetts. He doesn’t. He’s director of Planning and Economic Development for the other Holyoke, the one on the Connecticut River. The one heralded as one of the first planned industrial cities in the country. The one where ...

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    1. You can ship it east, and you can ship it north.
    2. Many cities and towns are taking out the pitchforks to prevent the cannabis industry from coming in.
    3. We believe we have the best competitive advantages for the industry at this time.
    4. Once you have a clustering effect of any industry, you have a subsequent clustering effect of any industry that supports that sector, and that could benefit not only Holyoke but surrounding communities.
    5. We've been pursuing an innovation-based economic-development strategy and coupling that with a public-investment strategy.
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