1. Greentown Initiative Links Startups with Manufacturers

    Greentown Initiative Links Startups with Manufacturers

    Adam Rodrigues, manufacturing fellow with Greentown labs, says his job description can be smashed down to two words: Making matches. That would be matches between startups across the state, and especially those within the 413, and manufacturers in Western Mass. that can help bring a concept to the marketplace. He’s already made several of these matches and plans to make many more, connections that have a number of benefits — for the startups, the manufacturers, the region, and the state.

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    1. They recognized that we were a small business without much capital, but they loved the idea.
    2. Sometimes, in addition to making a connection, the entrepreneur will walk away with a completely new direction for the company and the design process.
    3. At that point, they had a good concept, but they really needed some help finalizing the design and getting to manufacturing.
    4. When they got exposed to what's out here for manufacturing and they started working with Worthington Assembly, they now have plans to relocate their headquarters from Cincinnati to Springfield.
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