1. TechSpring redefining the future of health care in region and beyond

    TechSpring redefining the future of health care in region and beyond

    In the not-too-distant future, the delivery of quality health care could be as easy as reading a patient's palm. But the palm reader won't be tucked away in a carnival booth. Instead, the future of health care innovations will most likely come from TechSpring Health Technology Center, a digital nerve center backed by the resources of the $2.5 billion Baystate Health Systems. Currently, TechSpring is collaborating with private health care IT security company imprivata -- headquartered in the eastern part of the state -- to bring palm vein scanning technology used for positive identification of patients  to the medical ...

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    1. TechSpring is also a professional working space - a co-working space -- that functions as a hub for all things technology and health care in the region, including projects and events.
    2. This is something that is available to anyone who works remotely in either health care or technology.
    3. I love Western Massachusetts and I love Springfield.
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