1. Bay Path University blazes trail to fit workplace, women's needs

    Bay Path University blazes trail to fit workplace, women's needs

    Started as a secretarial school more than a century ago, Bay Path University is now in the vanguard of efforts to speed up higher education's response time to the ever-changing workplace. Much of Bay Path's evolution from a four-year-college with three satellite campuses and total enrollment of 3,298 began in 1994 when Carol A. Leary became the institution's fifth president. "You can never rest," Leary said in a recent interview at the school's flagship campus in Longmeadow. "That's an important tenet we've always had."

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    1. Every higher educational institution can do a good job, but we have a special niche.
    2. I first heard of The American American Women's College through a friend who attended Bay Path's 2014 Women's Conference.
    3. I love that I can study at any time and I can do my class work at any time.
    4. Historically, we've always been attuned to the needs of local employers.
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