1. Westfield schools, Holyoke CareerPoint partner to prep students for workforce

    Westfield schools, Holyoke CareerPoint partner to prep students for workforce

    The Westfield High School Career Center has partnered with CareerPoint to increase opportunities for students. "Our students will get a lot out of this," said Superintendent Stefan Czaporowski. CareerPoint, based in Holyoke, is a one-stop career center serving Westfield, Holyoke and surrounding communities. The nonprofit company collaborates with a range of area businesses and community organizations to assist employers and job seekers. A ribbon cutting celebrating the partnership and reopening of the school Career Center is planned for March 7.

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    1. Our students will get a lot out of this.
    2. It's our hope that members of the Westfield business community will support the Career Center's efforts by providing students with a variety of abilities the opportunity for career exploration, internships, on-the-job training and employment.
    3. With CareerPoint, we're focusing on career pathways and job services.
    4. Students who participate in programs like this are more likely to get their degree.
    5. We help students prepare for job interviews -- show them how to shake hands, answer questions and what to wear -- and talk to businesses about what to expect working with youth.
    6. They're finding out what they're passionate about, and what they're not passionate about.
    7. We had a pilot program with Holyoke Medical Center with six students and it was so successful we now have 20 students in that program and seven have been hired by Holyoke Medical Center, so far.
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