1. Westfield Technical Academy Aviation Program receives Falcon jet donation

    Westfield Technical Academy Aviation Program receives Falcon jet donation

    Students in the Westfield Technical Academy Aviation Program will soon have a fully operational Falcon jet to work on thanks to a $5,000 grant from the Embraer Foundation. The U.S. Coast Guard currently owns the Falcon and is giving it to WTA. The Embraer Foundation grant will help transport the jet to the school's hangar -- Hangar 2 -- at Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport. Aviation instructor Galen Wilson said the school could not afford to move the jet without the grant.

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    1. It's another piece of equipment the students can learn on and it assists in keeping this program moving forward.
    2. The timing couldn't be more perfect.
    3. We are already finding employment for our students.
    4. I'm happy to support the school and the aviation program.
    5. This is the first partnership grant awarded from my location.
    6. The high schools are for low-income students who receive scholarships to attend the schools.
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