1. Chicopee downtown mill renovation project granted special permit

    Chicopee downtown mill renovation project granted special permit

    A Holyoke businessman who plans to convert a historic mill building that dates to the 1840s has been given the go-ahead to begin the project. The City Council voted 12-0 last week to grant a special permit to Mount Holyoke Development, owned by Herbert Berezin, which will allow him to convert the long-vacant 65,000 square-foot, five-street mill located off the corner of Front and Depot Streets into live-work apartments. The City Council also agreed to waive parking requirements and allow the project to go forth with 109 instead of the 179 spots needed under zoning regulations. It also agreed ...

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    1. It will provide a lot of opportunities for people to interact downtown.
    2. It will increase residential density and get more feet on our streets.
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