1. Chicopee's MicroTek cable manufacturer is 'wired for excellence'

    Chicopee's MicroTek cable manufacturer is 'wired for excellence'

    In the early 1980s, when the state was shuttering its schools and hospitals for the disabled, three concerned residents of Hampden County were worried about the security of those being so abruptly re-introduced into mainstream communities. The trio created MicroTek so that people with intellectual and physical disabilities would have a path to earn an income. A nonprofit with an altruistic mission, Chicopee's MicroTek manufactures custom cable and wire configurations for equipment used globally in the medical, scientific and security industries.

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    1. They didn't know anything about the wire and cable industry.
    2. We want more of the complex work, as it's more profitable. For every $1 sale it's less labor and less impactful on the workforce.
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