1. Mixed-use Projects Highlight Growth in Amherst

    Mixed-use Projects Highlight Growth in Amherst

    Anyone who has spent time in Amherst recognizes the town’s enviable mix of cultural institutions, restaurants, academic energy — more than 33,000 students attend UMass Amherst, Hampshire College, and Amherst College — and open space. But town officials know they need to do more than tout those offerings; they need to leverage them to create the kind of community where college graduates will want to stay, and where families and businesses will want to locate. A number of recent developments aim to meet that need. For example, Archipelago Investments, LLC of Amherst is building One East Pleasant, a mixed-use project ...

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    1. There is a master plan which has focused development on the village centers, while taking tangible steps to preserve open space.
    2. Things are happening on campus, too.
    3. They can cross-promote; for example, the Emily Dickinson Museum has a poetry week, and Amherst College has a literary festival.
    4. We're looking to fill that commercial space, and that requires breaking out the crystal ball and looking into the future.
    5. We thought that would create enough competition without overwhelming them.
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