1. Westfield Technical Academy, city get boost from local businesses

    Westfield Technical Academy, city get boost from local businesses

    Westfield Mayor Brian P. Sullivan, chairman of the School Committee, suspended the rules at Monday night's meeting to acknowledge David Prouty, owner of Proudly Landscaping, and 2017 Westfield Technical Academy graduate Matthew Wilcox, owner of Wilcox Landscaping, and to accept a donation to the school's Ornamental Horticulture Program. Sullivan recounted a call from Prouty, a Westfield resident, following an early December snowstorm. The city was scheduled to collect bagged leaves that week, but snow removal slowed them down. With more snow on the way, Prouty offered to help collect leaves.

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    1. It was a bigger task than we thought.
    2. Between Dave Prouty and Matt Wilcox, we accepted a $6,000 donation to the horticulture program.
    3. Without hesitation, this is the best group of educators I have ever worked with.
    4. People have realized what's going on here between the community and schools and businesses.
    5. We have an absolutely zero tolerance for drugs.
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