1. $20,000 state grants helping Holyoke students in early college programs

    $20,000 state grants helping Holyoke students in early college programs

    The state gave its blessing and $20,000 Tuesday for "early college" programs for public school students working with Holyoke Community College and Westfield State University. The ties with colleges are part of the Holyoke public schools' redesign of the high schools and middle schools intended to establish a pathway for every student to college and a career, said Stephen K. Zrike, the state-appointed receiver in charge of managing the Holyoke public schools.

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    1. We are thrilled to have these expanded opportunities and supports for early college access offerings with Westfield State University and Holyoke Community College. This is an exciting time for (Holyoke public schools) students and families.
    2. Early college programs are crucial for exposing students to the opportunities higher education can create and with these designations, more students will be able to earn college credits at no cost.
    3. Successful early college programs boost college completion rates for students by preparing them with challenging college-level courses.
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