1. Cambridge College, MGM Springfield launch hospitality training program

    Cambridge College, MGM Springfield launch hospitality training program

    Cambridge College's Tower Square campus is the first school in Massachusetts certified to offer classroom pre-apprenticeship training in hospitality under a program it designed with the help of MGM Springfield. Apprenticeships as a way of training people for careers make most people think of the construction trades -- for example plumbing, carpentry, steelworking -- said William McKinney, director of the division of labor standards for the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

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    1. It's serving that need for servers, bussers, security people ... every job that involves hospitality.
    2. We are going to give people the skills they need to start these jobs, but also those soft skills: how to prepare for an interview, how to show up for work, how you make sure you keep getting there on time.
    3. We feel like everyone should be able to speak about Springfield, regardless of position.
    4. Any hospitality employer in the area is also invited to come work with the graduates of this program.
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