1. Granite State Development Corp. Helps Businesses — and the Economy — Expand

    Granite State Development Corp. Helps Businesses — and the Economy — Expand

    Certified development companies, or CDCs, are entities that partner with banks to help small businesses secure financing to grow their operations. But in doing so, they’re also growing the economy by promoting economic development, which is, in fact, a key element of their mission. Since its inception in New Hampshire in 1982 — and its subsequent, ever-expanding work across Massachusetts — Granite State Development Corp. has been executing that mission.

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    1. We work with businesses looking to either acquire an existing business that has tangible assets, or take a loan on real estate or piece of equipment.
    2. The main goal is to promote economic development and job growth.
    3. Whatever the type of project, the bank chooses what to do with the other 50%.
    4. That's one of the primary purposes of this.
    5. We see ebbs and flows, just like conventional banks do, but we're obviously in a good market right now.
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