1. Massachusetts Is Fertile Ground for Biotechnology Careers

    Massachusetts Is Fertile Ground for Biotechnology Careers

    For college students — or career changers — seeking a career path with plenty of opportunity close to home, biotechnology in Massachusetts is certainly enjoying an enviable wave. For example, drug research and development — one key field in the broad world of biotech — has been surging in Massachusetts for well over a decade, and isn’t slowing down, according to the annual report released in November by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, or MassBio. According to that report, Massachusetts has more jobs classified as biotechnology R&D than any other state (see table below), with 34,366 currently employed — a 40% increase since ...

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    1. Massachusetts is historically one of the first states that got into biotechnology, then Deval Patrick made a real financial commitment, and provided funding, to try to keep it here.
    2. There are more opportunities now than ever to get good jobs in Massachusetts.
    3. We're in the middle of a genomic revolution right now, on the cusp of this brave new world.
    4. I feel like many students want to feel like they're doing something meaningful here.
    5. Biochemistry and molecular-biology principles are critical in a number of growing fields in health and technology.
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