1. Palmer touts electric vehicle charging stations near Mass. Pike

    Palmer touts electric vehicle charging stations near Mass. Pike

    Drivers of electric vehicles now have an oasis in Palmer. State officials joined municipal leaders Wednesday to unveil two electric vehicle charging stations in town that drivers may use free of charge. Officials say the stations fill a gap along the Massachusetts Turnpike and will encourage people to use zero-emissions vehicles. Meanwhile, town employees now are using electric vehicles for inspections and other town business. Palmer received state grants totaling $142,240 to buy the two Chevy Bolts as well as buy and install the two ChargePoint dual-head charging stations, said Planning Director Linda Leduc.

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    1. If you have an electric vehicle, where do you charge them?
    2. There is no environmental impact, no oil leaks
    3. It seemed like a longshot to get this grant.
    4. The acquisition of EV charging stations and cars is really a great way for the Town to publicly promote its green energy initiatives and support the region as a whole by offering free electricity to fellow EV owners.
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