1. Union Station Project Earns Top Brownfield Redevelopment Honor

    Union Station Project Earns Top Brownfield Redevelopment Honor

    Springfield’s Union Station — and the project to bring it back to productive life after more than 40 years of dormancy — have both been described using a whole host of words and phrases. But ‘a bureaucrat’s delight?’ That was a new one, and one that most people probably wouldn’t expect to see the light of day. But Kevin Kennedy, Springfield’s chief Development officer, summoned it as he talked about the latest additions to what is becoming known as the Union Station trophy case — only there is no such thing. Yet. These would be two awards from the ...

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    1. Back around the turn of this century, there was a start to this project, and then it stopped.
    2. Those were the two items that kick-started the project again.
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