1. OMG RhinoBond System Wins Construction Award in Spain

    OMG RhinoBond System Wins Construction Award in Spain

    The RhinoBond system and Etanco, OMG Roofing Products’ distribution partner in Spain, were awarded a prestigious 2017 NAN Architecture and Construction Prize at a ceremony in Barcelona, Spain on Nov. 30. Based on Etanco’s work in Spain, the RhinoBond system was recognized as one of Europe’s most advanced methods of securing single-ply membranes. Etanco has used RhinoBond on more than 50 projects representing more than 2.7 million square feet of installed single-ply membrane. Based in Madrid, Spain, Etanco has been a partner with OMG Roofing Products since 2015.

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    1. This is not only a superb award for the RhinoBond system, but, more importantly, it recognizes the great work that Etanco has done with RhinoBond in Spain. We are very pleased with our partnership and with the great work Etanco does.
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