1. Reading Success by 4th Grade initiative puts Springfield scorecard online

    Reading Success by 4th Grade initiative puts Springfield scorecard online

    On Monday, members of the initiative, created with the support of the Irene E. & George Davis Foundation, gathered at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame to discuss the progress that has been made and how the information can be shared with the public through a web-based scorecard that allows the public to access data on school readiness, summer learning participation, school attendance and health determinants.

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    1. We understand that this work begins at birth and we understand that there are a lot of complicated, complex issues that we are tackling to make sure children are reading proficiently by the end of third grade.
    2. We have a myriad of strategies to tackle this issue, and we are excited to see sometimes baby steps, but steps forward.
    3. We face many challenges, like other urban districts, but we also celebrate the successes, and an 11 percent increase in reading proficiency in an urban district where most of our students are living in poverty is a real success.
    4. They have raised this up as an important and even critical issue across the community and mobilized the community in various ways including the private, public and social sector to work together to solve this problem.
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