1. Massachusetts awards $20 million for 'game-changing' energy storage grants

    Massachusetts awards $20 million for 'game-changing' energy storage grants

    Gov. Charlie Baker plans to announce the grants Thursday at UMass Memorial Hospital in Marlborough. The University of Massachusetts Amherst will receive one of the largest awards, $1.14 million, to install a lithium ion battery storage system in its energy supply system. The battery will provide more resiliency to the system, which currently involves a cogeneration plant and a solar array.

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    1. Our mission is to create a clean, affordable, resilient energy future for the commonwealth.
    2. Obviously, this will provide a considerable boost to that market.
    3. The idea is to hopefully find those business models that do work currently.
    4. It's a multi-faceted tool in how it can be used and the benefits it can provide to any particular customer and the system as a whole.
    5. As we think about how we're addressing severe weather, storage is a great tool to have in our system.
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