1. Westfield eyes state support for economic development district

    Westfield eyes state support for economic development district

    City officials hope Westfield will have a Transformative District Initiative district in early 2018. The Transformative District Initiative is a development program for Gateway Cities designed to enhance local public-private engagement and community identity, improve quality of life, and spur increased investment and economic activity. It is a program of MassDevelopment that uses the state's Transformative Development Fund.  Area communities that already have TDI districts include Holyoke and Springfield.

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    1. In November we were pre-approved to submit the downtown corridor, from Court Street to Franklin Street, as a TDI district.
    2. We have an interview Dec. 12 with MassDevelopment.
    3. We are now looking to reach out to small businesses to be part of the partnership.
    4. Right now, we really have three highly visible open downtown storefronts - Bentley Billiards, Bank of America and a spot in the Falcone building near Domino's Pizza.
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