1. UMass Engineer Makes Bioinspired Polymers with Electrostatic Force

    UMass Engineer Makes Bioinspired Polymers with Electrostatic Force

    UMass Amherst chemical engineer Sarah Perry, working with a colleague at the University of Illinois, is creating new bioinspired materials using electrostatic charge to direct the self-assembly process of long molecules. The research team, working with a class of polymers called coacervates, found they could be modified by changing the sequence of charges along the polymer chain. Coacervates are commonly used in food products and cosmetics. The findings are published in the journal Nature Communications.

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    1. The idea is to use patterns of chemistry to help design materials, the same way that nature uses amino acids to create functional proteins.
    2. This is how biology makes the endless diversity of life with only a small number of molecular building blocks.
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