1. FogKicker Principals Have a Vision, and Like What They See

    FogKicker Principals Have a Vision, and Like What They See

    There’s no word yet on whether the creators of FogKicker will embrace Johnny Nash’s 1972 reggae hit ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ as their theme song, but it would certainly work. The product, developed in the polymer science lab at UMass Amherst, has proven itself successful in keeping a range of surfaces, from scuba masks to bathroom mirrors, clear of fog. Partners Yinyong Li, Marc Gammell, and Kenneth Carter are scaling up their venture, Treaty Biotech LLC, and while their vision of the future isn’t totally clear, it is certainly coming into focus.

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    1. There are certainly a number of applications for this product — everyone has a bathroom mirror.
    2. We want someone who has industry-specific connections.
    3. We were met with huge enthusiasm, and seemingly overnight, our product was available all over the world, because this is a worldwide conference, and people were buying cases and cases of it.
    4. Cellulose is one of the most abundant products in the world; it's the basis of wood, paper, trees, algae, and plants in general.
    5. Because it's paper, it's very absorbent to water — we all know that paper loves water.
    6. It's like a boot camp — they scrutinize everything you do.
    7. They dive under some of the most extreme conditions out there — so we went to talk to them, realizing, who better could tell us whether we had something interesting than people who put their lives on the line?
    8. We thought really hard about what would be best way to roll this out.
    9. Big glass … we could be there in a year.
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