1. East Longmeadow Embraces Change, Progress

    East Longmeadow Embraces Change, Progress

    Denise Menard says low taxes, streamlined permitting, and quality of life are all factors in making East Longmeadow an attractive landing spot. When East Longmeadow switched from a town-meeting style of government to a Town Council and town manager, Denise Menard said the change wasn’t meant to be simply cosmetic. Rather, noted Menard — who came on board as interim town manager in 2016 before shedding the ‘interim’ title earlier this year — creating her position and replacing the three-member Board of Selectmen with a seven-member, elected Town Council provided the momentum to launch several new municipal departments aimed squarely at ...

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    1. We don't sell widgets; we only provide services.
    2. People coming into the community have a much more streamlined process now.
    3. There has been a lack of interest in the government by the media.
    4. We have beautiful housing, some of the best schools around, some beautiful parks, and we have a healthy mix of commercial and residential.
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