1. Rural Franklin County Is Making Strides Toward Becoming a Destination

    Rural Franklin County Is Making Strides Toward Becoming a Destination

    Franklin County, the state’s most rural county, and also its poorest, faces a host of challenges today — from a declining and aging population to poor broadband service in most of its communities, to statistically lower wages for comparable jobs. But those working to spur economic development and improve quality of life here see progress in many forms and vast opportunities to attract the young people who covet many of things this region can offer them.

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    1. Manufacturing is still doing very well here, but it's changed somewhat; many large companies involved in traditional manufacturing have left.
    2. It's super hip and cool to be in Turners Falls.
    3. Collaboration comes from necessity.
    4. There's great food and drink; there's much more of a local arts scene than people than people think.
    5. As a group of organizational leaders, we were talking about how we need to have the same mission — attracting young people and young families to Franklin County.
    6. We could all live somewhere else, but we don't — we choose not to.
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