1. With 3,000 people to hire, MGM Springfield opens career center

    With 3,000 people to hire, MGM Springfield opens career center

    MGM Springfield opened a new career center Monday designed to serve as a "one-stop shop" in the screening and hiring of approximately 3,000 employees. The MGM career center is at the Colvest Building at 1259 East Columbus Ave., adjacent to its $960 million casino project. MGM and Massachusetts Gaming Commission officials, along with representatives of the education, business and employment training sector, attended a morning open house and tours at the center just prior to its afternoon opening.

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    1. The career center will be the hub of our hiring activity in the community.
    2. This career center is a great way for them to understand all the career opportunities available to them as well as our licensing for certain employees.
    3. This is a great start in order to draw the people in that MGM needs to hire.
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