1. GSCVB Elects Anthony Frasco to Chair Board of Directors

    GSCVB Elects Anthony Frasco to Chair Board of Directors

    The Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau (GSCVB) elected Anthony Frasco to succeed Michael Hurwitz as chairman of the organization’s board of directors. Frasco, who serves as the vice president of Sales & Marketing for Chicopee-based Williams Distributing Co. Inc., was formally installed at the bureau’s annual meeting on Nov. 2. Also elected to seats on the agency’s board were Alex Dixon from MGM Springfield and Sandra Sheehan from PVTA. David Griffin Jr. of Dowd Insurance will complete a one-year term remaining on the seat previously held by Robert Gilbert Jr., also from Dowd. “Our annual meeting ...

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    1. Our annual meeting is one of the top highlights of the bureau's calendar.
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