1. 2017 Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards Luncheon

    2017 Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards Luncheon

    Nineteen companies from across the state have been selected as finalists for the 2017 Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Awards, awarded annually by MassEcon for their outstanding contributions to the Massachusetts economy.

    This year, there are three finalists based in Western Mass.:

    • Avista Pharma Solutions Inc., in Agawam, a leading U.S.-based contract testing, development, and manufacturing organization for the pharmaceutical industry;
    • Interprint USA Inc., in Pittsfield, a global company and a leading designer and décor printer for the laminate industry; and
    • Tsubaki, in Chicopee, a Leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive parts and designer of driving systems.

    For  information on the luncheon and a complete list of award winners profiles click here:  Impact Award Winners




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