1. Center for EcoTechnology Wins Recognition for Composting Efforts

    Center for EcoTechnology Wins Recognition for Composting Efforts

    The Center for EcoTechnology (CET), a local nonprofit organization, has been awarded Top Honor in the North American 2017 Rathmann Challenge, “Mitigating Climate Change: Expanding the Use of Compost,” for its pioneering work over the past 20 years to expand the use of composting to reduce wasted food, which in turn reduces greenhouse-gas emissions. The announcement of the award was made on Nov. 1 by the Rathmann Family Foundation. The Rathmann Challenge, which was launched in 2014, seeks to advance organizations possessing the creativity, entrepreneurial ethos, and innovative spirit to make a positive difference in the world. CET receives $100 ...

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    1. We are honored to be recognized by the Rathmann Family Foundation for our leadership in tackling climate change by keeping wasted food out of landfills.
    2. There is a growing awareness of the incredible opportunity that reducing wasted food presents our society.
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