1. Northampton affordable housing apartment complex 'The Lumber Yard' breaks ground

    Northampton affordable housing apartment complex 'The Lumber Yard' breaks ground

    A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Northampton Wednesday for The Lumber Yard Apartments, a new affordable housing complex coming to the city. The project is the product of Northampton-based non-profit Valley Community Development Corporation (CDC), which dedicates itself to empowering low and moderate income individuals through housing development and home ownership encouragement. Upon completion, the Lumber Yard, located at 256 Pleasant Street, will be a four-story, 70,000-square complex, replete with 55 units that offers housing to low and moderate income families and individuals. It sits on the site of former lumber business Northampton Lumber, hence its name.

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    1. I really want to thank all those supporters--too many to mention--for the advocacy and friendship during what was sometimes a hairy process.
    2. I know just how important affordability can be for individuals and families, as well as for the community.
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