1. Staffing Agencies Meeting Needs, but Challenges Are Mounting

    Staffing Agencies Meeting Needs, but Challenges Are Mounting

    The region’s staffing industry has always been a solid barometer of the overall economy, and that is certainly true in this economy. Firms report that demand for qualified workers is high, and the pool of talent is small and in some respects shrinking. Meeting the demands of various sectors, firm owners and managers say, requires a mix of persistence, imagination, and, well, hard work.  Andrea Hill-Cataldo calls it the ‘Perm Division.’  That’s ‘perm,’ as in permanent-hire, or direct-hire, work. The venture she founded nearly 20 years ago, Johnson & Hill Staffing Services, has always provided such services. But they ...

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    1. When businesses aren't sure what they want to do, they might go temp or temp-to-hire, or they might just wait and see.
    2. Our work becomes more difficult as the pool of candidates gets smaller.
    3. Technology is always in high demand because everyone needs it.
    4. Before, it might take a few days to find someone; now, it might take a few weeks.
    5. We need to make sure that the candidate we're seeking aligns with what the client is looking to fulfill with the position.
    6. These are individuals in high demand.
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