1. Sunshine Village Celebrates a Half-century of Creating Great Days

    Sunshine Village Celebrates a Half-century of Creating Great Days

    Back in the mid-’60s, a group of parents, advised by friends, family members, and attorneys alike to put their developmentally disabled children into an institution, collectively rejected that idea and, far more importantly, came up with a much better one. The result of their innovative, forward-thinking outlook was Sunshine Village, which, 50 years later, remains an immensely powerful source of light, warmth, hope, and lives fulfilled. Lenny Recor was in a good mood — or as good a mood as you might expect someone to be in on a Monday morning.

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    1. I like to work … it's meaningful, and I get to meet people and say hello.
    2. I love positivity — it really helps life; there's no negativity.
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