1. Laurie Flynn Named President and CEO at Link to Libraries

    Laurie Flynn Named President and CEO at Link to Libraries

    Laurie Flynn says it’s not often that one gets to make their passion their profession. And it was the opportunity to do just that which prompted her to put aside a budding marketing business she co-founded a few years ago and become president and CEO of Link to Libraries (LTL), the decade-old nonprofit that, as the name suggests, puts books on the shelves of school libraries and other agencies and promotes childhood literacy on many levels.

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    1. It just seemed like this serendipitous, perfect opportunity to bring together what I've learned professionally and my personal passion for children's literature, and also for reading and writing.
    2. I couldn't imagine her actually stepping away — I thought she would change her mind, which would have been fine.
    3. That community involvement, and getting representatives of the business world to come into the classroom and take the time to sit down with those kids … that's just so important and so unique.
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