1. AIC Announces Groundbreaking for New Facility

    AIC Announces Groundbreaking for New Facility

    American International College (AIC) announced the groundbreaking ceremony for its new educational facility will take place Wednesday, Oct. 18, starting at 3 p.m. Guests and speakers include U.S. Rep. Richard E. Neal, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno, AIC President Vincent Maniaci, AIC board of trustees Chair Frank Colaccino; AIC Dean of Health Sciences Cesarina Thompson, and AIC Student Government Assoc. President Dante Raggio. Located at 1020 State St., the building will house the college’s new exercise science programs in addition to expanded occupational therapy and physical therapy offerings. It is a complete remodel of the existing edifice and ...

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    1. With the increasing emphasis on health promotion, fitness, and disease prevention, there is a need to competitively prepare our students as exercise-science professionals who can practice in the growing areas of performance training and sports medicine in addition to the ever-expanding fields of occupational and physical therapy.
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