1. United Bank Steps Up Its Presence in Downtown Springfield

    United Bank Steps Up Its Presence in Downtown Springfield

    On paper — and on a map — it’s only a few blocks, really. But United Bank’s relocation of its office in downtown Springfield, from the corner of Main and State streets to the front of Monarch Place, constitutes a major move in all other respects. The new address — formerly home to a Bank of America branch that closed its doors several months ago — is projected to bring everything from much greater visibility to significantly higher foot traffic, to a likely surge in commercial-side market share as business owners based in the center of downtown take advantage of another bank ...

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    1. There was a void left by Bank of America's departure.
    2. I'm not sure how many other banks looked at it, but I know we moved quickly and started the conversations.
    3. That Bank of America branch had a lot of commercial clients that utilized that location.
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