1. Armbrook Village Helps Seniors Build Independence, Confidence

    Armbrook Village Helps Seniors Build Independence, Confidence

    Helen S. is in her 80s. She’s lived at Armbrook Village Senior Living Residence in the northwest corner of Westfield since June 2016.  A resident of the community’s assisted-living homes, she receives help with many activities of daily living. When Helen moved here, she exhibited many of the cognitive challenges of aging, which can range from basic memory loss to Alzheimer’s disease. She would stay in her room and watch TV. Aides would guide her to and from meals and visit with her, but Helen didn’t socialize or make friends with other residents.  A long-time friend ...

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    1. She's doing well and she's so happy.
    2. We had one woman living with dementia who was living independently with her husband. When he died, she moved into assisted living, but kept going back to her old apartment, because she didn't remember where the new one was.
    3. Everything flows from one activity to the next.
    4. We do a lot with music. Thanks to YouTube, we can find pretty much anything they want, including Sinatra and Perry Como. They also love cute baby pictures and puppies.
    5. These people are tired. They've been going since 8 in the morning, so by 4:30, they're spent, and if they want to take a little snooze before dinner, that's o.k..
    6. We were hearing from families that when they came to visit loved ones on Saturdays, they didn't have much to do. We listened to that feedback and added weekend programming.
    7. Our role is to make sure everybody gets a chance to talk, and get their questions answered.
    8. Four or five women are of Italian descent, so we started to learn Italian.
    9. All the current research points to the importance of music in people's lives.
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