1. New Products Give Callaway Plant a Needed Bounce

    New Products Give Callaway Plant a Needed Bounce

    Over the past century or so, golf balls — and golf-ball history — have been made in Chicopee. Indeed, the sprawling plant on Meadow Street that once bore the name ‘Spalding’ and now ‘Callaway’ has been home to a number of innovations and new products. In recent years, though, that tradition — not to mention the number of workers at the plant — has been in decline. However, a new and exciting golf-ball design is changing the landscape, in all kinds of ways. They’re calling it the Truvis V.

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    1. It's something new and different, and some would argue that's just what's needed in golf right now.
    2. We're capacity-constrained right now.
    3. Most of the tour pros have them, and they use them for chipping and practicing.
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