1. Tour of HCC’s new Culinary Arts Center Slated

    Tour of HCC’s new Culinary Arts Center Slated

    The public is invited to tour HCC’s new Culinary Arts and Hospitality education and training center during the city’s Celebrate Holyoke festival on Aug. 26. When it opens this fall, the HCC MGM Culinary Arts Institute will occupy the first and second floors of the Cubit Building, a square, four-story, red-brick former factory in Holyoke’s Innovation District on the corner of Appleton and Race streets, directly across from the city’s new Canal Walk, adjacent to the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, and down the block from Gateway City Arts. “It’s a great building in ...

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    1. It's a great building in a fantastic location in a developing and reinvigorated part of the city.
    2. We're going to have the latest and greatest of everything.
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