1. West Springfield Aims for Balance, Smart Growth

    West Springfield Aims for Balance, Smart Growth

    Mayor Will Reichelt says West Springfield is seeing a good deal of adaptive reuse of commercial and industrial properties, a necessity in a community that is land-poor. Will Reichelt says he was only 15 when he started working at the Donut Dip on Riverdale Street. His father arranged an introduction with the owner, a fellow Rotarian, and just a few days later, Will was working behind the counter and occasionally injecting filling into jelly donuts.

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    1. I'm not sure it was all legal, but … I sure do miss that 15-year-old body.
    2. And it's still the same — hasn't changed at all.
    3. We put together a zoning-review committee, and they've been working for four or five months now.
    4. I think the Route 147 [Morgan/Sullivan] bridge project is really going to help with the traffic situation on Memorial Avenue, especially during the Big E.
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