1. UWW Provides New Opportunities to Non-traditional Students

    UWW Provides New Opportunities to Non-traditional Students

    Those managing the University Without Walls program at UMass Amherst are big believers in the phrase ‘giving credit where it’s due.’ Indeed, UWW awards college credits for experience garnered in the workplace, enabling non-traditional students to gain the degrees needed to advance their careers.  By his own account, Matthew Malo wasn’t much of a high-school student. But when he graduated in 1992 from Hampshire Regional High School, he set off for college anyway.

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    1. We believe learning doesn't have to take place in the classroom, so we take into account the experience they have — the training and learning they've had through a variety of experiences.
    2. My biggest concern about going back to college was scheduling.
    3. They told me I would be a perfect fit for the program.
    4. The number-one thing they want is for you to succeed.
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