1. $275,000 approved to study renovating 3 Holyoke schools

    $275,000 approved to study renovating 3 Holyoke schools

    HOLYOKE -- The City Council approved borrowing up to $275,000 in a special meeting Tuesday at City Hall to fund a study of renovations needed at Sullivan, Morgan and Kelly schools.

    The city will be reimbursed for 80 percent of that spending from the state, said Stephen K. Zrike, the state-appointed receiver in charge of managing the public schools. That would put the city on the hook for $55,000 if the full $275,000 is borrowed.

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    1. We have to make sure that our kids are in safe, secure schools.
    2. I still think this project needs to happen.
    3. But what do we have from the commonwealth that they're going to reimburse us?
    4. We need to invest in these buildings to last us.
    5. These funds are specifically for this purpose.
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