1. Institute for Applied Life Sciences Connects UMass with High-tech Industry

    Institute for Applied Life Sciences Connects UMass with High-tech Industry

    Peter Reinhart, director of the Institute for Applied Life Sciences at UMass Amherst, said there’s a tendency in academia to think of private industry as the enemy. As one of the nation’s foremost public research institutions, however, UMass has become increasingly engaged with industry, most recently through an expansion of the institute’s core facilities with high-tech equipment that companies can use to help bring ideas to market. It’s a true win-win, UMass officials say, and an example of how public-private partnerships are changing the face of higher education.

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    1. What we don't do well is move the results of our research into society.
    2. Now, we have this pathway to commercialization, to take our research and work with industries of all sizes.
    3. Western Mass. is much more affordable, and quality of life here is really nice, so we're doing a lot to get more businesses to spin out from these collaborations and get them to put down roots in Western Mass..
    4. Ten years ago, you didn't even hear about 3D printing.
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